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sound installation / bazaar compatible / shanghai / china

2013/02/25 - 2013/03/10

[The Aleph) contains in its inarticulable shape all the relations with the universe and it is, ultimately, the universe itself. – J.L. Borges

The sound installation proposed for the Bazaar Compatible explores possible (or impossible) territorial interstices. These are the spaces the auditor / observer perceives with his body when he moves into the Bazaar. The materials present are real, sonorous, luminous and immaterial. The addition of the concrete and the ‘impalpable’ takes the observer (it’s an experience first and foremost an experience and the mechanism is there only to trigger it into an imaginary world.

The space defined by INTERSTICES is completely subjective, neither de-territorialised, nor re-territorialised; it is simply there as a succession of immaterial planes ready to be felt and perceived. Perhaps the interstices created by the installation are nestled between various folds, at the intersection of various planes.

But I digress…

Enter, walk around and listen (to your self)