de rerum natura

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Field recordings collected in the Brazilian Amazon.
The context of the listening experience is included in ecological issues of the
environment and its perception. Therefore Guattari speaks of three ecological
ʻUne articulation éthico-politique – que je nomme écosophie – entre
les trois registres écologiques, celui de lʼenvironnement, celui des
rapports sociaux et celui de la subjectivité humaineʼ.
(Guattari, 1989, p.12)
Translation: ʻAn ethico-political articulation – that I call ecosophy –
between the three ecological registers, the one of the environment,
the one of the social relations and the one of the human

De Rerum Natura by Luca Forcucci

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MAXXI (National Museum of XXI Century Arts), Rome, Italy

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House for Electronic Arts, Basel, Switzerland

The Lab Gallery, San Francisco, USA
UB RADIO SALON #174, San Francisco, USA
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Radio Paradiso, RSR La Première, Lausanne, Switzerland

Festival Nuit Bleue, Arc et Senans, France
Festival of Performance, Teatro Galpao, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Museum of Fine Arts, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland