two poles

Presented at

Gallery Nord / Berlin / Germany / December 8 2017
Galeri Ruth / Kartfjorden in Lofoten / Norway / May 2017
House of Culture / Stamsund in Lofoten / Norway / May 7 2017

1851 was the year Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick” was first published… and as Ishmael himself speaks of the great whale: “I know him not, and never will”, artists in the group show “dark, liquid.” Luca Forcucci presented an aural investigation of the deep: in the form of soundscapes created from the waters of the Southern and Northern Hemispheres. In Forcucci’s Two Poles – specially composed for ITINERANT INTERLUDE #1851 – audio recordings from the waters around the Cape of Good Hope near the South Pole and the Norwegian Lofoten Islands near the North Pole are manipulated, layered and recombined to resonate with each other in dialogue. The sounds met together, creating a unique territory where mental imagery could emanate from deep and careful listening.

itinerant interlude #1851 from itinerant interludes on Vimeo.